Cantine del Castello di Santa Vittoria Cantine del Castello di Santa Vittoria
Cantine del Castello di Santa Vittoria
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A well-organized team of collaborators work with passion and great skill on the production of the wines of the Cellars of Santa Vittoria Castle.

Angelo Rosso
CEO and manager of the company, he is a winegrower by family tradition and passion. He follows with competence the vegetative cycle of plants until grape ripening. According to Angelo, each and every moment in the life of a plant is important, for it is exactly from the vineyard that the final quality of the fruits is determined, and therefore a quality wine. Thanks to him, 15 hectares of estate vineyards are organized according to the best standards of modern viticulture: an average system density of 3,500-4,000 plants per hectare with a grape production of no more than 2 kg per stump.

Giuseppe Caviola
The patient work of Angelo Rosso in the vineyards and Nicola Fogliati in the cellar, is combined, starting 2008, with the great experience of Beppe Caviola, one of the most relevant figures in the national oenological panorama.

Born and raised in Piedmont, he crowned his brilliant career with the title of Best Oenologist of the year 2002 (Gambero Rosso- Slow Food). In 2002 he also entered the nomination for the title of Oenologist of the year, conferred by AIS (Associazione Italiana dei Sommeliers), the most prestigious Italian association for Sommeliers.

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